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Work Order

Welcome to the Post Haste Mailing Services on-line work order. Providing us with a work order ensures your mailing will be completed to your exact specifications, so thank you for completing this.

You can either fill out the form and send it electronically (a copy will be emailed to you), or download a PDF to print and fax later.

If there is any aspect of the work order you don’t understand, we’ll be happy to walk you through it – just give us a call at 858-513-7740.

Online Work Order
Job Description:
How do you want to mail?
Fully Paid First Class
First Class Presort
PSLs (sticky labels)
Mail pieces will already be addressed
Quantity expected:
Eliminate duplicates?
If yes, how?
One per Address
One per Last Name/Address
One per Name/Address
Are there special fields that need to be included (ie: id numbers)?
How would you like
the postage affixed?
Meter Mark
Check enclosed with mailing? Amount: $
If you’re not sending a check with the mailing, do you have funds in your permit? We’re sorry, but we can’t begin a job without postage.
To optimize your postage discount, we will automatically barcode your mailing. Please tell us if you DO NOT want that done.
Should we mail any foreign pieces? (A higher postage and handling rate will apply.)
For mailings in envelopes only. Inserting order:
Excess – a nominal charge will apply to all returned excess.
Please recycle any excess material
I will pick up my excess material within 10 days
Store any excess for another job *
Return any excess to the address below **
* If storing for next job, when will that be? )
** Address to return excess to:

Special Instructions: